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24.09.2017, 20:16

Eintragung for MX-5 NB suspension for Mazda MX-5 NA

Hi everyone!

My sincere apologies for writing to you in English.. I am relatively new to Switzerland and my German is.. Under development, to say the least.

I love modifying my cars, but I've found that this is a very difficult thing in Switzerland, if you want your car to be fully legal and roadworthy.

I've discovered so far that you need to have the parts that you changed registered on your Fahrzeugschein, and they need to be individually approved and carrying a document of approval as well (teilegutachten?).

I just picked up a sweet Mazda MX-5 from 1994, totally original. Really interesting to drive a non-modified MX5, and there are good sides and there are bad. Among the good ones are the comfort, but I've already found that on some hilly roads around the area, the car moves around a lot, which doesn't feel very secure. So I want to change the suspension setup.

I would ideally want to convert the suspension top hats (Domlager) to MX-5 NB top hats. They offer more suspension travel before hitting the bump stops, keeping the cars comfort after lowering. Can I do that? I mean, they are factory parts, and it's a straight swap, but they are meant for a 1997-2005 MX5 (NB), not for a 1989-1997 MX-5 (NA)..

Second part of the swap would be the shocks and springs. I would need to use those from a Mazda MX-5 NB, after the top hat swap. I can find ones that have teilegutachten for Switzerland, but again, not meant for the NA, only for the NB. I am thinking of the Koni Sport Kit, part number 1140-4871.

Last question for you :) I want to change the Gummilager to something slightly more firm, but not Poly. It's still going to be rubber, but a harder compound. Do I need approval from the SVA for that as well? Or is that seen as a regular wear and tear part?

Thank you for reading, and good luck with all of your projects!

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