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07.11.2017, 04:30

7D Maglite in a smaller package.


One of the nicer (in my opinion) is the fatter, more solid hotspot - whichever you are spotting at a distance is more useful in lighting things up ,

So as to experiment I got my mag 3D (which was practically unused) and kitted it out with the following:

3x3 AA holders
8 AA Eneloop Pro cells (plus one dummy AA)
7D Maglite bulb (8.63V, 0.5A)
Usual Mag resistance fixes (braid in spring and switch)
Glass lens

Well I really impressed at the light of this light - perfect for walk around and general use and want to run for over 4 hours on a charge. I do not like it, but I think it's a little better than I like it.
The 6D bulb is brighter, but the hotspot is smaller and the current draw nearly 0.9 amps - so less runtime.



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