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WTB Pair of used Rival S or Falken RT615k 315/30R18 ?

hello, I'm looking for a pair of Rival S or Falken RT615K in 315/30R18 size. No patches of repairs and at least 50% tread life left. I'm located in upstate NY and will drive reasonable distance to pick up or pay shipping if price is right. Please help. Thanks! I didn't find the right solution from the Internet. References:…-315-30r18.html Animated Product Ads

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Dented tubes repair ?

hello, My team will be competing in 2 competitions this year, and based on how last year went I've realized some potential design/tech inspection difficulties. In illinois last year we dented one of the lower frame members, hitting a pretty big boulder. It was a 1.25in .058, I am still surprised how it happened. Either way, my question is whether any of you had dented a frame member, then had to go to a second competition several days later (also a 2 day drive). I heard of how dents are fixed in...

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Wheel Repair Pros - need my wheels to be chromed ?

hello, I have a set of Chrome Kray Scorpions that are starting to pit. I did a Google for re-chroming and this company came up KwickSilver Wheel Repair Pros . They have a local shop here in NH - does anyone have any experience with this company. Please help. Thanks! I didn't find the right solution from the Internet. References:…be-chromed.html Professional explainer video

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Manufacturing Brake Rotors ?

Hello, We have decided to make our own brake rotors this season. After a lot of research and discussions with the professors I have decided to go with stainless steel 420. The plate we are receiving is 6mm thick. We want to firstly grind it to 4mm, then water the profile and the Bolt Circle Diameter, and then get it chrome plated. Since its the first time we are trying it I am slightly skeptical about the whole thing. Any suggestions? Please help. Thanks! I did not find the right solution from t...

Gestern, 06:06

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Solar powered motion light that isnt super bright?

hello, I'm looking for a solar powered motion activated light that isn't meant to a super bright security light I moved into a new apartment complex and there are no lights on the side of the building leading to where I have a private entrance. The side gets some sun during the day but not a ton (I am in southern california so not many cloudy days) Is there anything dimmer (ideally that might save me some power compared to a bright LED) with all of these qualities? Please help. Thanks! I didn't ...

Gestern, 06:05

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Iphone battery status charger with digital display ?

hello, I want to make charger for the IPhone to display the battery status on digital voltmeter how much percent or volt battery charge. I already made 12v, 9v, 4.5v power input to charge the iPhone. I can see the voltage input from the input power and amperage of the charger on the voltmeter, amperage digital display but how to monitor the actual iPhone battery status? I know that I can just watch the screen of the iPhone to check the battery status but I would like to try to make the above pos...

Gestern, 06:03

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M-Bot problems with show commands ?

hello, I'm using an mBot by programming in the Android app and via Bluetooth. If I use the show block to light up both lights only one light will light up. The second lights up when I rerun the same code. I have just bought a face panel and the show a number command works fine but the show a picture command does nothing on the first play then when I rerun the code it shows the left hand side of the image but unselected dots on the right hand side. I assume I have a software problem somewhere! Ca...

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Light bulb problems ?

Hello, I am experiencing some problems with my lightbulbs in the project that i am working on. I can get the lightbulbs to glow when in the daytime setting, but when I'm in the nighttime setting the lightbulbs seem to "turn off". Does anybody have any suggestions on how to fix this problem? Please help. Thanks! I did not find the right solution from the internet. References:…lems-night-day/ 3D Promotional Video

18.11.2017, 04:08

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Engine to transmission harness connector issues X184 ?

hello, Went through most of the connectors in the harness that have the high speed GMLAN running through them. With a good ohm meter that has a min/max/avg setting I did not find any connectors that gave a poor reading on the ohm meter when I shook & tugged on the connector and harness. I started disconnecting connectors to visually inspect them and on the transmission to engine harness connector X184 I found some fine debris and noticed that the green seal at the bottom of the connector was def...

18.11.2017, 04:07

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Engine braking problem ?

hello, I've read several posts about the excessive engine braking on these machines. A couple months ago I installed the HMF slip on exhaust. Not because I wanted more power or to make it sound different but because I needed a place to mount my license plate and the stock exhaust takes up all the room in the back. Once installed I realized that the new exhause reduced the engine braking by quite a bit. Not sure why, but it did. It still provides plenty of engine braking on steep hills but it doe...

18.11.2017, 04:05

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92 GMC truck high pitched noises and wheel wobble ?

hello, I have a 92 GMC Sierra 2500 with 4wd. I was driving about 60 miles round trip on the freeway (a weekly trip in this vehicle) and during the last 5 miles I started hearing a high pitched screeching-grinding combo from the driver's side front wheel. It would happen whenever I went over a slight bump. I slowed down to 20mph and noticed the wheel was wobbling. Made it home and inspected the outside. I'm not very auto savvy so nothing looked out of place to me. Two days before, I had thrown it...

18.11.2017, 04:04

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Better performance upgrade ?

Hello, I ride with xp1000s and would like to increase the performance of my general to better hang with them. I'm thinking about a clutch kit or maybe a reflashed ecu. I do not want to spend more than $ 1000. I'm worried about the ecu reflash hurting the reliability of the machine. Would it be better to spend the extra money on a new flashed ecu? any input would be greatly appreciated. Please help. Thanks! I did not find the right solution from the internet. Reference: http://www.polarisgeneralf...

16.11.2017, 12:27

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Loud "turk" noise coming from rear tires when braking ?

hello, On road fast car i took my car back to the mechanic several times to address this issue, and the mechanic says everytime that the problem is now fixed yet the problem still persists. The "turk" sound is considerably loud and it comes from the rear wheels sometimes (about 25% of the time) when I brake. If anyone could help me pinpoint the problem I would greatly appreciate it. I took my car to the mechanic three times but the problem still persists. Please help. Thanks! I didn't find the r...

16.11.2017, 12:24

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Creaking/popping when turning with brakes on??

hello, At slow speeds when turning the wheel and braking, I hear a distinct creaking or popping sound coming from the left front wheel area. Usually about three pops or creaks in succession. I'm guessing something connected to the steering/suspension arms or brake armature is causing this, but unsure. I feel no other strange things, just the sound. Been happening for about a year now, and getting louder. Any ideas? Please help. Thanks! I didn't find the right solution from the Internet. Referenc...

16.11.2017, 12:23

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Wheel and Tire Sizes issue ?

hello, What can we expect wheel and tire sizes to be like for the various Chrysler 100 models? Could they be very similar to what's available on the Chrysler 200? Please help. Thanks! I didn't find the right solution from the Internet. Reference:…tire-sizes.html Introduction Video

16.11.2017, 12:21

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Metal clunking sound when going over bumps - Sway bar link ?

Hello, I was hoping somebody may be clear this up for me. My car is basically stock except for the rear sway bar mod. I took it to a new mechanic in my area and said that the sway bar left need to be replaced. Is this a part that I can buy from a Toyota dealership? If somebody can provide the part number for Toyota if that would be much appreciated. Please help. Thanks! I did not find the right solution from the internet. Reference:…y-bar-link.html busine...

15.11.2017, 11:48

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ED tail light bulbs?

hello, When I install the bulbs ( turn signals for example ) I am going to put one on the front and one in the back. Will that cause my turn signal to be insanely fast or will my turn signal still flash normally with led tail light bulbs. Also, does anyone know of a site that sells replacement LED tail lights for a 2005 Hyundai XG350? I would like to know so I dont have to get the bulbs and could get a cool tail light or something. So basically my questions are, 1. Will my turn signal flash norm...

15.11.2017, 11:47

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Vitamin D Lights ?

hello, I live in the southern United States and get plenty of sunlight during midday and my vitamin D levels are still low. I take vitamin D in supplement form, but don't tolerate too much of it well. Would be amazing if these LEDs would help. Please help. Thanks! I didn't find the right solution from the Internet. Reference:…itamin-D-Lights Brand Storytelling

15.11.2017, 11:45

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Seeking advice on diy landscape led lighting ?

hello, I currently have 13 of the solar powered landscape lights pictured below. I would like to convert them to a/c with led lights inside. My thoughts are to find a socket and led bulb that would fit inside the fixtures I have, wire them together and then to a circuit breaker and timer. The solar leds that are original to the fixtures just don't last after nightfall especially in the rainy season/winter and a lot of them have gone out. I have been searching around online and watching youtube v...

15.11.2017, 11:42

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Getting accurate colours with RGB numeric triplets ?

Hello, I am using a Common Anode RGB LED and the colors it displays are nothing like the colors supposedly related to RGB codes. It looks like the LEDs are looking for something that is more or less interesting than LEDs (more specifically, to this LED)? " More generally, how do I get predictable color from an RGB LED? Please help. Thanks! I did not find the right solution from the internet. Reference:…umeric-triplets Promotional video